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100% Trust

We meet the needs of our customers by considering the laws, national and international standards, and we provide 100% confidence by protecting the product in the entire process until it reaches the customer.

Continous Improvement

We aim to be perfect in everything we do. We strive to be excellent in the value, reliability and up-to-dateness of our products and in our human relations.

Expert Staff

We work in accordance with the rules of occupational safety and health with specialist and we provide our customers a high level of service quality.

Sales Capacity

750 Tons per Month


28 Years of experience

Number of customers


We have traces on thousands of products around world.

About Us

As Soyhan Plastic and Packaging Industries LTD. we are a business with a monthly sales capacity of 750 tons.

We offer products manufactured with the latest technologies to our customers. It has been our business since 1996 to meet the expectations of our customers and to offer alternative products with the support of Developing Technology and Knowledge.


For years , we offer shrink films, stretch films and P. (e) products to our customers from the four corners of the world.

Quality Certificates